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Be in Parallel reality

Also here you can rent a room for birthdays. It is worth only 30 euros per hour At the same time you can bring your own food and drinks and enjoy the holiday. Together with Quest you will have an unforgettable event and impressions for the year ahead :)))


Waiting for you!!!!

What is Quest?

Do you want to be in an unreal reality? To experience an unreal pleasure? The company "In the Mirror" presents Quest Rooms - a network of game rooms, you will be given the opportunity to go through the game in 60 minutes. Solve a lot of puzzles and completely immerse yourself in the atmosphere and plot. We offer an excellent rest - it is an entertaining game for a team of several people in a specially prepared room. You just need to apply logic, agility and coordination, and also work in a team.




In our quests, players are invited not only to leave the room for a while, but also to live and feel a certain plot. Designers and scripts were created by young screenwriters, artists, actors and everyone, so that High can enjoy and enjoy the game.




As the game progresses, the team decides riddles, finds interesting unusual items, can suddenly find themselves in an extra room. It is important to note and destroy the myth that Quest is just entertainment for children! No! No no! Our quests are for all ages. "Sometimes adults just forget that they are children," said Federico Fellini.




At us you again will appear in a fairy tale! :) We really want you to experience incredible emotions and come to us to play! You definitely will not regret it. We have done and will do our quests with love, and part of our warmth will undoubtedly resonate in your hearts

How to find us?

We are very easy to find, we are directly in front of the Alexander the Great Hotel - in the Limnaria Garden complex-turn around the Laundry and go in depth about 50 meters -You will immediately recognize us on the Black showcase with Colored applications